Welcome, so glad you dropped by!  Got coffee?  If I could, I would hand you a hot cup, or iced.  ;)  Enjoy scrolling thru' our shop. New design creations are being posted, so check back often.
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    I'm down to earth, kinda like the old rustic vintage stuff you see in all the Farmhouse Décor but with a little touch of Okie Hickness. Is that a word? Oh well, I'm using it. I love the convenience of city life but want the simplicity of the past.
    Like right now, I'm wishing I was in my own little cute cabin shack, way up in the mountains...ok the hills,  well at least in the woods... somewhere away from the sound of the highways roaring, the constant sirens, and police helicopters circling with me saying, "Lock the Doors!"  
Sorry had to throw that in for my kids to say, “Yep, that's Mom for ya”.  
   Anyways, back to my daydream- I want to be opening a gate that enters into my garden where I get lost for hours, to be outside listening to the birds singing away, smelling smoke from the wood burning in the woodstove with pot of coffee brewing on top. The two best smells ever in my book. (I’m just sayin’) 
   The problem is I like the elegant stuff you know,  like running hot water, my washin’ machine, and icebox.  But mostly to be able to pay for life's necessities. Like toothpaste, deodorant, and toilet paper. Plus, I have two teenage daughters still at home, they would probably go just as crazy as me, to go off grid.   So, I still live in town... for now,  until God tells me otherwise. Thankful I'm close to a few Hobby Lobbies though :)
  As far as I can remember, I have always loved sewing, baking, decorating cakes, creating floral arrangements, painting...I could go on?   
  Guess it's an artist thing needing to feel like I've accomplished something for the day and constantly wanting to learn more, which has always been a way for me to ESCAPE life’s busy noise and release the creative part of me inside.
               It's my coffee...
   In my younger years, I loved going with Mom & Dad to the wholesale shop to buy flowers.  Mainly satisfying my nosy curiosity. (Guess it was my Hobby Lobby growing up.) They had cool stuff! And so many colorful flowers in those coolers just waiting to be arranged. I will always remember my first delivery, it was a sympathy arrangement, they just carry a special meaning full of love. Something that stays with you & motivates you to want to do more. Flowers just do that to ya! 
     Now, I am in my late 40ish yrs and a very blessed mother of four children - I've matured somewhat ;)
Three Daughters & One Son, plus I am so thankful God saw fit to bless our family with adding a Son-in-law, and a Grandson, who is energetic and wonderful to watch play. He loves to make us laugh but growing up way too fast! And recently last year, God gave us a beautiful Daughter-in-law!  Now, for the record, I don't count their yorkie puppy as family but he sure acts and gets treated like he is :)
     Along with the turns & bends in the roads of life we walk each day, I was able to open up my shop on Etsy at the end of 2016-  www.missyrenesbouquets.etsy.com   and let me just say I'm excited to have a chance and excuse to create! Just to be able to look at flowers, with a sense of knowing, they have something about them that can lift and lighten your heart. Lord willing, he will show and help me to create that one thing that tugs on your heart when you see it, when something inside tells you that you found something that is meant to be in your life, or as a gift to someone special to you.
     If you found it in my shop... I will do my best to have it in the mail to you as soon as possible.
     Please call or message me with your questions or concerns- I'm here and would love to talk to you anytime.
Missy Rene'
Missy Rene' bouquets