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  June 30th, 2018-
One Day At A Time:
      "One day at a time" is definitely my motivational phrase I repeat to myself and others around me, all the time! Just ask them. But am I using that phrase meaning I accept what is and dealing with it... or to trudge on?
      I'm sure your curious about my small shop here or you wouldn't be taking the time drop by or to even read this. I'm just here to hopefully lift you up a little, in this over burdened world we face each day, by telling you that "Every... little... thing... you can accomplish each day will lighten your load." We are all living in one big circle, helping each other.
     Just do at least one thing to mark off that "to do" list that's hanging around in your thoughts. Whether it be a few things or maybe just that one thing that keeps talkin' to you, in the back of your mind, and  WON'T LEAVE YOU ALONE...  until you do something about it! 

      Why am I talking to you all like this?  Ya'll already got it together. 

(Just please bear with me, I'm tryin' to motivate myself here.)

      Welp, so here I am...facing my one thing. Diving into this technical online world and creating a website for my front door decor. So everyone will know I exist amongst the many small shops out there in case they don't have the time to create and looking for a new wreath or décor to freshen up their world. They will be able to search google online and see that here I am...with a few clicks, they can have a ready to hang wreath, easily shipped right to their front door. Gotta make sure my flower shop pulls up in the search engine bar by taking the time to create my website.

     It's so satisfying to know and feel one HUGE accomplishment has been made and is now marked off my "to do" list. 

      Is it important? Lord only knows that. We just all know, that if you own a business, there are some modern things, like SEO things needed, to get your information out there to your customers.

      Am I scared with my thoughts running ninety to nothing? Yes, I'm doing it scared. I only have so much knowledge in this area but I am excited! (Gives me an excuse to research more! I love learning new skills.) 

     Now that's Satisfaction to a Creative Designer. 

            (So, no big deal, right?  It's just  "One more step in life of accomplishing my goals".)

      But then why I'm so full of anxiety sitting here... trying to type words that would grab your attention in this busy world.

      Who, am I kidding? I'm no blogger, nor do I intend to be. (Funny, my daughter just said "You type Really Aggressively"  so, does that give you a picture of my struggles?)


      Ok, now to publish this blog page so I can get on with designing the rest of my website!   

Are you still here?

You got important stuff to do... like coffee :)   can you heat my cup up too? 

I can hear my grandpa telling me, as he handed me his cup, "Pot-tu, fill me up."  My little nickname that I now call my little ones every now and then.

Good to always reminisce.  Kinda healthy, like coffee.  

Ok, enough, I gotta go look at some flowers...before the tears roll.

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